Friday Favorites: Little Feet Edition 

Doesn’t it feel like life is always super busy? But I’ve gotta say, right now it is full of a lot of favorite things. And today I’m linking up with Andrea to share all of those things because it’s.. First off, Caleb has begun wanting to ‘take pictures’ with my phone. When he first started doing it,Continue reading “Friday Favorites: Little Feet Edition “

Friday Favorites: Christmas Edition

Happy first Friday of 2017!!! Does anyone else have trouble remembering to write the new year?! I told someone the other day that sometimes I still write 2014… so here’s to stop going back in time!!  Since I barely blogged like AT ALL in December because we were so busy with all of the festiveContinue reading “Friday Favorites: Christmas Edition”

What’s Up Wednesday! 

Happy hump day, y’all!!! It’s kind of like a Friday for me because I’m headed out of town tomorrow which feels a little weird but I’m certainly not complaining! Today I’m linking up with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel for… ..where we answer all of these questions to share what’s been up in our lives!  WHAT WE’RE EATING THIS WEEK…Continue reading “What’s Up Wednesday! “

Embracing Fall: Weekend Recap

So let’s just start with saying that fall in Colorado is dramatically different than fall in Texas. The colors make it beyond gorgeous and can pretty much make a simple street look like a postcard. Let’s just be real with the fact that I am for sure in love. The weather has been ‘unseasonably warm’Continue reading “Embracing Fall: Weekend Recap”

Friday Favorites: Random Catch-Up Edition

Y’ALL. Was everyone starting to think that I had completely fallen off the face off the blogging world?  September has come and gone and now we are facing the weekend of my child turning TWO. Where has the time gone?! So today is Friday so I’m coming back at you linking up with Andrea and Erika for a doseContinue reading “Friday Favorites: Random Catch-Up Edition”