Friday Favorites

FRIDAY IS HERE!!!!! Can we all say AMEN?! Between scratchy throats, 3 molars entering the world, and just not feeling great, our fam is ready for the weekend. So let’s get to it!! As becoming my norm, I’m teaming up with Erika, Andrea, and Narci to share some favorites today. 🙂 Because Friday just gives us a reason toContinue reading “Friday Favorites”

Family Fun Day: the Red Rocks edition 

Happy Monday y’all!! After all of my complaining of our past 2 crazy weeks, this weekend was simply amazing. I am lucky to have a fantastic husband that pretty much insisted we have a family day on Saturday. So that’s exactly what we did!  It started off with cuddles on the couch.    Since itContinue reading “Family Fun Day: the Red Rocks edition “