All About Caleb: the 18 month editionĀ 

Somehow I blinked and my ‘baby’ is now 18 months old. He is now at an age where he is a full fledged toddler and no longer considered a baby. (And toddler tantrums are near, I assure you.) We had his 18 month check up yesterday where they always have us fill out a questionnaireContinue reading “All About Caleb: the 18 month editionĀ “

Raven and Katie Forever!Ā 

So before Nick, there was Katie. We were roommates for years, survived grad school together, nursed each other back to health after near-death experiences (that’s another blog for another time), and even had our own mantra. It even made its way on our 30th birthday decor. #ravenandkatieforever Obviously life looks a little different now includingContinue reading “Raven and Katie Forever!Ā “

Dreaming of a White Easter?

Growing up, Easter always meant nests of flowers in the yard where the Easter bunny would leave our baskets, matching spring dresses with the sister, huge neighborhood Easter egg hunts in our field, and lots of family time outside. There was never a thought of snow or boots or coats. If anything, there was aContinue reading “Dreaming of a White Easter?”