FUGE for the Win!ย 

This summer is FLYING BY!!!! We are so busy doing all of the things that I’m having a hard time recapping all of the things. But I plan on doing just that because this is my way to remember just how crazy busy and crazy fun this season of our lives are. So maybe I’m being a bit selfish and blogging more for me than for you. So feel free to skim away. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Today I am linking up with Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites to share a favorite week of the summer so far… CAMP!!!

So last year I blogged all about our love for student camp. I have gone every year with Nick since we’ve been married, including the year that I was seven months pregnant. In Texas. In the heat. So that should show all in itself how much I love going to camp. Last year was Caleb’s first time to go (outside of the womb) and seemed to enjoy it. But this year he was old enough to LOVE IT. Our church went to Fuge in Glorieta, New Mexico this year. Caleb and I headed up a couple days after our church group went so it was a 5 hour road trip with just the two of us. 

I know I look excited but that was more a mixture of fear and anxiety on my face. But guess what? The little guy did AMAZING. And he didn’t touch a single electronic. Now that is not me bragging saying I don’t believe in electronic use to pass the time on a road trip. That’s me saying that I know my child well (and his lack of being able to watch a movie in it’s entirety) and if I had pulled out the DVD player, I would have had to listen to him for 5 hours to keep changing the DVD. And with it only being me and him in the car, that just was not possible. So to avoid meltdowns, we avoided that route altogether and it still worked out! PTL!!! 

We arrived just in time to greet our church group and watch a killer game of volleyball and ultimate frisbee! Where our group may or may not have been the teams to get killed. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Caleb was SO excited to be able to run around, see his daddy, & play with the students. As soon as they left two days prior, he immediately told me, ‘I REALLY REALLY miss Daddy.’ And that was 5 minutes after they left. Do you think that makes me look forward to the sixteen days Nick is in Poland? I think not.

That evening we had a prayer walk that consisted of an hour of walking around to different areas and praying about different things. Nick and I were able to switch off with Caleb and be able to fully participate in the activity. Because believe it or not, our 2 year old was able to stay quiet that entire time and even shush us at parts because people were praying. To say I was impressed with the little guy between the 5 hour road trip victory and this prayer activity all in the same day would be a complete understatement. I probably would have bought him a brand new toy and let him eat ice cream for dinner if he would have asked me at that point. But thankfully he’s not quite old enough to know when I’m an easy target yet. Ha! 

This was him playing with a car quietly at the very end of the prayer walk. It brought tears to my eyes to know that he is being exposed at such an early age to students learning to grasp and engage the Gospel right before his eyes. He understands that they are praying to God which makes him want to pray too. That in itself makes a 5 hour road trip worth it. 

If you’ve known Caleb for even just a hot minute, you know he loves to dance. So worship time was definitely his jam. He even swindled a glow stick from a Fuge staffer to get his groove on. 

The leaders went into Santa Fe while the students had their own bible studies the next morning. The little guy is a huge fan of Mrs. Kathy. I’m pretty sure he would be more than happy to go home and live with her. 

Then it was time for MEGA!!! Watching students do a crazy relay which includes being covered in sprite, flour, and baby food may have been a bit confusing to a 2 year old…

He definitely didn’t mind the ride afterwards though. 

Every evening, Caleb and I were only able to go to the worship part of the service and leave for bedtime as soon as they started the message. 

I was pretty bummed about missing this because I always love being apart of what the students are learning and then getting to discuss it with them afterwards. The Lord made it very clear to me through those walks back to our room that my little guy is my mission field right now during this season of our lives. I was able to ask him questions of why he thinks we were at camp and what the students were learning about. He also asked me questions and then we had the opportunity to pray for the different students. It became such a sweet time that has even continued as we’ve come home because he picks a different student every night that he wants to pray for. It may not be ideal to bring a toddler to a student camp, but those conversations and prayers alone makes me so glad I did. 

The next morning was our last morning service and we were sad to already see it end. Caleb exclaimed all the way home, ‘I just REALLY REALLY want to stay at camp!’ (Do you notice a theme here?) And I don’t blame him. The kid had a blast. 

A really fun part of the week was seeing so many familiar faces from our old church in Texas. Getting to catch up and being shocked by how much older students have gotten was such a great time! I just wish I would have taken pictures with everyone! 

All in all, it was a fabulous week and I’m already looking forward to next year!!

Before we know it, Caleb will be in this group pic as a student! As much as that excites me, it also makes me want to freeze time. So for now, I will enjoy all of the sweet times that I have to miss out on certain things because of our little guy. I’ll take his snuggles and thousands of questions any day. ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

The VBS Recap

So if you know me even a little bit, then chances are you know my life has been ALL VBS recently. Last year for VBS we had the best time being submerged underwater.

And then this year we were Galactic Starveyors in outer space! 

Last year I had all the feels because it was Caleb’s first ever VBS and I absolutely loved seeing my own child have a blast and learn all about Jesus. Well this year it was even more fun since he was a year older and was able to participate in even more! I can’t wait until he’s the actual age for VBS and gets to experience all of the things. I know that he will love it even more than he already does (which is a pretty bold statement).

A chance to dress like an astronaut? He’s all in. 

We are so blessed to have an amazing team of women that are super gifted in the decorating department. They transformed our church into an amazing scene of a backyard looking up at outer space. We were all big fans! 

I had the awesome opportunity to have the same role as last year and lead with the same amazing person. I pretty much love getting to serve with this girl. 

The same two crazy characters showed up from last year, except now in outer space. 

It takes a special person to be friends with Astro Nick and Magnolia is the girl for the job. 

Our awesome staff even got in on the fun and dressed like crazy people everyday to greet all the kiddos! There’s just something about VBS that brings out the fun in people. ๐Ÿ™‚

Not only did Caleb love all the fun VBS activities, he for sure loved that his bestie was there. And she even loved having him there too because let’s just let it be known that it’s usually Caleb doing all of the hugging of Hava, not the other way around. Definitely a win for the little man.

We added a Friday night celebration this year and Caleb LOVED getting to participate in all of the dancing. 

None of VBS would have happened without our amazing children’s ministry director. I am beyond grateful to have her as a boss, a friend, and a pseudo-grandma for our little guy. It’s safe to say that our family LOVES us some Ms. Lauri. 

The work that goes into VBS is a bit crazy and a whole lot time-consuming, but it all becomes worth it when 57 kids decide that they want to live for Jesus forever. I would gladly give up sleep and some brain cells every year to keep teaching kiddos that Jesus loves them deeply. THAT is what VBS is all about!!! 

Until next year!!! 

The Five Year-Aversary

On May 19th, Nick and I celebrated being married for FIVE YEARS. For people that have been married a lot longer, this may seem like such a minor thing. But to us, this is kind of a big deal. Last year I blogged all about our wedding which is still by far one of my very favorite memories. Getting to be married to Nick Jones is by far one of the greatest joys of my life. Together we have conquered three cities, two states, and the cutest little two year old ever. (Or maybe he’s conquered us.. hard to tell.) 

Nick was a rockstar and coordinated a whole getaway for us to celebrate, including accommodations for Caleb. Insert all of the heart-eyed emojis. However, Colorado had a different idea and it SNOWED. On May 18TH. I’m just not real sure what world I live in where it snows at the end of May. So although our trip to the mountains got rescheduled, we were still able to get away to stay a night in downtown Denver. Huge thanks to our amazing friends for keeping the little guy for a sleepover. We love you Fowlers!! I’m pretty sure he had just as much fun as us, if not more. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Our first stop was a coffee shop in a really cute area. Nick made it clear that he did not fit in with the very hipster environment that was happening around us, but we still had a ton of fun. We laughed about the first time we ever hung out at a coffee shop and he ordered a smoothie. I sure am proud of the progress he’s made. 

This guy makes me laugh on the daily, even if he says that I don’t laugh at his jokes anymore. I think it just challenges him to always be thinking of newer and funnier jokes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

After that we headed to our hotel and even got upgraded for our anniversary. Can’t get mad about that! We had a great view of Coors Field which was of course Nick’s favorite part. 

We looked up a restaurant online that was close to our hotel since we are just so in the know of all things downtown. We did take an Uber so we are trying to remain somewhat hip with the hop. 

The place was fun and low-key which we were all about, especially on such a snowy day. And selfies just because. 

You know it’s your anniversary when the hubs will then let you order room service just because you want dessert. Laying in bed while watching TV and eating {over-priced} dessert is just living the dream, amiright? We are just so fancy. 

The next morning, we got to sleep in as much as our bodies let us now. We then headed to Union Station to get coffee because it’s pretty much my favorite place ever in Denver. 

If you’ll remember, we celebrated our anniversary there last year too. But note that we did NOT need boots and coats. 

We then headed to Snooze, one of our favorite spots to eat brunch. Breakfast pot pie? Yes please. 

We super enjoyed our night away to celebrate 5 years of marriage! And now we have a weekend away in the mountains to look forward to. Win win! 

All About Caleb: The Twos

Since I have not updated about Caleb for quite some time, I felt like it was WELL overdue. Especially since most of my readers in Texas only actually read to know what’s going on with the little guy anyway. I haven’t done an All About Caleb update in a YEAR and boy, is he tons different! 

He talks. CONSTANTLY. There are so many words all of the time. We have entered the ‘Why?’ phase in full force as well. He wants to know who everyone is, what everyone is doing, what everything is, how everything works, and WHY. Someone hand me all of the coffee. Or the Advil. But really, we do love his thirst for knowledge. So please just pray that we would foster this need for information and not just feed him snacks so he will quit talking. ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

He does have a few funny little things that he says right now that mamas of older kiddos are constantly telling me to impress into my brain so I’ll never forget the cuteness of it all. ‘”Lasterday” is what he says for yesterday, last night, or really any time prior to this very moment. He also calls his forehead his “two-head” which is so cute that it makes it real difficult to correct. The other one that Nick loves is that he calls a hamburger his ‘hang-a-bur’ which really comes out sounding a little like hangover. He also confuses “nothing” with “anything.” So if you ask him what is in his mouth when there’s nothing in there, he will answer “Anything!” The last one that we hear a ton is “mommy’s church” and “daddy’s church.” Our church has a main building (which is the building I work in) and then the student ministry building (obviously where Nick works). Hence his names of the buildings which really do make a lot of sense. 

This kid loves all things boy. Give him all of the rocket ships, astronauts, trains, dinosaurs, airplanes, cars, and balls. His imagination has kicked in big time and I love hearing him actually play with his toys by pretending. Lots of things get blasted off into space. ๐Ÿ™‚

He loves the IDEA of painting. Definitely thinks it’s super fun, but he does NOT enjoy the messyness of it all. One piece of paint on his hand could send him in a tailspin. All of my always needing everything to be neat and tidy may be screaming at me from my 2 year old boy that doesn’t like to be a mess. Whoops. 

Our sweet boy loves deeply. He is always very concerned about all of his very favorite people. He wants to know how they are doing, if he can see them, why they are happy, why they are sad, etc etc etc. He loves spending time with the people he loves and is always sad for it to end. It’s very common to hear him exclaim, “We’re best friends!!” He also may assure you while hanging out, “I having so much fun.” And it doesn’t take much to convince this guy to give some kisses and hugs! 

It helps that he’s got a pretty great relationship with our children’s ministry director too. Especially when he decided to ask, “What Easter all about?” To which I sent him right in to ask Mrs. Lauri and she stopped everything and sat right down and told him. ๐Ÿ™‚

A quirky thing about him (that his daddy started) is naming all of his shoes. Church shoes, fancy shoes (that are NOT fancy at all), Robin Hood shoes, hipster boots, snow boots, running shoes, house shoes, on and so forth. Yes, some make sense but some were clearly named by his father. 

The kid has a sense of humor and loves to laugh. “I’m cracking up!!” is a pretty common statement. 

His favorite things to eat is ANYTHING SWEET. This boy has picked up my sweet tooth in a fierce way. He can hear you open a candy wrapper a mile away. 

He does love to sit comfy on the couch and watch a show. His favorites right now are Umi Zoomi and Peppa Pig. Lord, help us. 

He absolutely loves learning. (Have I mentioned that he is constantly asking questions, specifically ones that begin with why?) He can name all of his colors, letters, shapes, and numbers 0-10. The kid surprises me on the daily with things that he knows. I would like to take credit, but I’m pretty sure I had nothing to do with it. He just wants to know anything and everything. 

The poor kid is still not quite sure about animals. He will talk to you about them all day long, but put him in the same room as a dog and he turns into a nervous wreck. We are working on it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dancing and singing is totally his jam. He can’t not shake his booty if a song is on. 

I really am so thankful that I get to be this kiddo’s mommy. He loves to snuggle with me and always tells me I’m beautiful (which I’m pretty sure he picked up from his daddy). I absolutely can not wait to see what the Lord has in store for Caleb. 

Texas Days: Part Two

So here I am again, ready to finish my recap of my long Texas trip from a couple weeks ago! Since the trip was divided into two parts, it only made sense to divide the recap the same way. Part One was all about spending the sister’s birthday in Round Top, TX! If you’ve never been, just go ahead and read that post now to inspire you to book your own trip there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

When we got back from Round Top, it was all about hanging out with the kiddos again! 

I also got to meet one of my best friend’s babies for the first time. One of the hardest things about living far away is missing big moments in people’s lives so I sure loved getting to hold sweet baby Peter. And eating dessert with some of my very best friends is the icing on the cake. 

We got to visit my dad and stepmom and take the kiddos to Space Center for the very first time! They were ALL ABOUT some astronauts and rocket ships. And I’m pretty sure they didn’t mind all of the attention from G-Daddy and Mimi either. ๐Ÿ™‚

And then it was time for the main reason of the whole trip!!! My mom’s wedding! Or if you asked the kids.. Nanan and Stevie’s wedding! Family started arriving on Thursday so Friday was a fun-filled day starting off with pedicures and manicures for the ladies.. 

And then the whole crew had Mexican food for lunch, because we were in Texas after all. 

Even our littlest princess got her toes and nails painted while a very concerned cousin watched…

The next day (the day of the wedding!!!), all of the ladies headed to the salon to get all dolled up thanks to Amy and Suzy. 

I’m pretty sure I have decided that I want Amy and Suzy to live life with me on the daily to always do my hair & make-up.. surely a SAHM has a reason for a glam squad?! Any ideas on how to pitch that idea to Nick are welcomed. 

Then it was game time! Everybody was dressed and ready to get Nanan and Stevey down that aisle (or hallway as Caleb called it). All of the decorations were ready and looking all adorable…

One little person wasn’t super thrilled about all of the waiting around, especially in the middle of dinner time..

But with a little food, he was able to rally and practice carrying his sign. (According to him, his sign said ‘Nananan, here I come!’)

Show time!!!

Now presenting Mr. & Mrs. Dawson!!

Caleb and Maddie’s first wedding was a success! It sure did help that she’s a girl that knows how to take charge and he’s a guy that would follow her anywhere. 

Our entire family is beyond excited for the bride and groom and for them to start this new chapter! 

The two little ones then danced the night away. To say this was their favorite part is beyond an understatement. I’m pretty sure they would still be there dancing now if we would have let them. Caleb even personally requested ‘Wheels on the Bus’ from the DJ and showed off the movements to the whole crowd. Unfortunately the only documentation I have of this hilarious event are videos and not any actual pictures of him. 


The newlyweds had their first dance! Then it was time to dance with their mamas. Steve and his mom’s dance was beautiful and then my mom danced with my nana, which was pretty much the sweetest.

We all had a ton of fun celebrating the Dawson’s and our little family of 3 were so glad to be apart of the huge day. I think if you asked Caleb to rank the day, he would say dancing was beyond his favorite and his outfit he could have done without. But all in all, safe to say he loved his first endeavor as a ring bearer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mom & Steve, we love you so much!! Congratulations!!! 

Texas Days: Part One

Mic check. Is this thing on? 

So I haven’t blogged in a sweet forever and some of that is for a very good reason. I recently spent close to two weeks in Texas at the end of last month/beginning of this month. Two huge life events were on the agenda: my sister’s birthday and my mom’s wedding. So since my trip was kind of divided into two different parts, I thought it only made sense to recap it into two different posts. Because I don’t wanna rush over all the details, amiright?? So we will start with part 1.. the sissy’s birthday! 

The little guy and I flew out on a Wednesday and I’ve gotta say, this was BY FAR the easiest flight we’ve had just the two of us. Him getting older definitely has its perks! He can jump in and out of his stroller, he can WALK, he can do the things I ask him to do, he can stay entertained longer with activities.. it is a GAME CHANGER. I actually read my book, y’all. Like what?! We arrived in Texas to be greeted by my mom where she took us to stay at her brand new beautiful house with her hubby-to-be! My sister and her 2 kiddos drove into town that day as well to stay at my mom’s too so it soon became a party! 

So the plan for the weekend was that next morning me, my sister, her best friend, & my best friend would head to Round Top, TX! Caleb stayed with my mom and Ash dropped her littles off with her in-laws and off on our girls trip we went! 

Yes, we had matching coozies. And shirts. We were serious. #fortheloveofjunk

How to explain Round Top?? It is a tiny, tiny town in Texas that twice a year turns into one of the most ginormous antique fairs. But more than that, it’s an experience. Something about being out in the country with some of your very best girls, walking in your cowboy boots through a bunch of junk that could be cute in your house (with a little bit of help) is just FUN. And it’s something I love even more now that I don’t live in Texas. Except for the fact that none of that junk can fit in my carry-on. 

The day we went was my sister’s actual birthday and it was perfect being able to spend it with her in one of her most favorite places on earth. 

The two queens of Round Top are the Junk Gypsy sisters who pretty much rock at finding junk and repurposing it into something awesome. They now have their very own store in Round Top which is absolutely adorable and I’m pretty sure I could sit out on their lawn all day. It was super fun that we were able to get a picture with them and tell them that we were going to prom that night. (Oh yeah, more on that later.) But first, we had dinner reservations at Royer’s Cafe which is pretty much the best southern comfort food EVER. With a whole lot of character. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We ate WAY TOO MUCH but still had room for their famous pie. Especially when we needed to celebrate this one’s birthday. 

After dinner, we went back to our room where it was all decorated for the birthday girl. And there were for sure some cookies. #mamatried

That night was the MAIN EVENT! It was time for Junk-O-Rama Prom put on by the Junk Gypsy sisters! It’s pretty much anything goes and hands down the best people watching I’ve ever seen. It was absolutely perfect that it landed on Ashley’s birthday because what better way to celebrate than with a pink tutu and a birthday crown?! 

And here’s just a little taste of how just anything goes it is…

Let’s just have it be said that for some reason when men hear that it’s all about dressing crazy, apparently their go-to is to dress like a woman. At least the Indian was a little bit original. Anyway it goes, it was a hilarious and fun night for sure! 

The next day we started out early and it was a day full of shopping!!! 

A break for sweet tea slushes? Yes please. 

And of course we had to end the day at the Junk Gypsy headquarters. 

They had the most adorable coffee stand in the front yard and you know I had to get me some iced coffee. 

The next day we hit up some shops in Brenham on our way home. And can you really go to Brenham without paying tribute to the best ice cream in all the land?! (A big HALLELUJAH to Blue Bell finally being back in Colorado!) Sad day that they were closed but that still didn’t stop us from our very own photo shoot. 

This girls trip was beyond a blast and it couldn’t have happened without some amazing grandparents! Our little people were WELL taken care of while these mamas got to go out and have some fun. Needless to say, part one of my trip to Texas was a success! 

Until next time, Round Top! 

A Day In The Life

One of my favorite type of blogs to read is a play by play of someone’s typical day. Just blame it on me being nosey. I’ve written one myself almost a year ago and I love being able to look back and see what life looked like then. So I figured it was time to do another one because obviously our little guy changes quickly and everyone says to cherish these days. So here I am cherishing. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Just like last year, I chose to document a Friday since I work part time and want to show kinda both parts of my life and I only work half the day on Fridays. So I documented Friday, March 10th because it was just a super normal day in the Jones home. Here we go.. a day in the life of me! 

Rise and shine at 5 am. (And yes, I’m a bit of a snooze-a-holic.) Since I am so far from being considered a ‘morning person’, I figured out that I’m a better mom and just a better human all around if I am able to wake up before everyone and get some alone time. Believe me, my family benefits from this. 
So I immediately hop into the shower so I can get to this spot as fast as I can. 

Since it is Lent, I am currently doing a bible study that focuses on this season and encourages having seven candles to symbolize the seven weeks until Easter weekend. And every week, you blow out a candle until they are all blown out on Good Friday to show the darkness that our world felt when Jesus Christ died on the cross. Then on Easter Sunday, you light all of them again because Christ has risen and our world is full of His light! So I absolutely love the idea of this but I also absolutely feel like I’m lighting a seance every morning since it feels like such a large amount of candles. 

I sit down to do my study for the day. 

With my new favorite mug that my boys gave me for Christmas. It has a little ‘pocket’ to rest your hand in. Straight genius. I finish my study for the day and read some of my favorite blogs and finish just in time…

Because this little guy wakes up! This is his ‘It’s too bright’ face. But then he remembered that he put all of his friends to sleep on the floor so he instantly inquires if they are awake yet. 

After he tells me to wake them up, he asks that they all join him in his bed..

He is awake, laughing, and being silly! It’s safe to say that he got his morning happiness from his daddy. 

He decides ALL of his friends should watch his morning show with him so here they all sit. He finds this all very fantastic and hilarious. 

He decides that for a second he should snuggle in my lap. No complaints here. 

Then it’s breakfast time. He enjoys his cereal bar and milk on the couch with his show while I cook mine. Eggs and Raisin Bran are what’s for breakfast. I have recently become obsessed with Raisin Bran. I have never been a cereal person in my life but now I can’t get enough of this. 

Time for me to get dressed and get out the door. A shameless selfie only because of this post. 

I run into this guy in the hallway with ‘Digger.’ 

He requests a quick picture together. Or maybe I did. Hard to tell.

I tell these two crazies good-bye. Friday mornings are their boy time together. And they go to story time EVERY week. It’s pretty much the most precious thing ever. 

As I drive into work, I have to stop to let some animal friends pass by.  No big deal. 

Time for round two. 

Two different people brought donuts to work so the temptation was real. Mid-morning snack for the win. 

Nick sends me this picture of our little munchkin at story time. Can you spot the kid with the hat on? Because he’s all about following daddy’s legacy in the always wearing a hat department. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I work until noon on Fridays and then it’s time to head home..

..with an astronaut outfit for my husband to try on. No big deal. These are the kinds of things that happen when VBS season is upon us. 

I arrive home to this. When mommy is away, daddy and Caleb will destroy the house.. I mean, play. 

Caleb is napping and Nick is in the basement working out so I make my lunch. Leftover BBQ chicken and cucumbers & hummus is what I choose. I actually work on my ‘Friday Favorites’ blog while I eat and enjoy the silence. 

When Nick comes upstairs, we start watching his new favorite obsession. Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. When we met, Nick didn’t watch cooking shows. But I may or may not have converted him and now he probably watches them more than me. (And likes to impersonate them in the kitchen.) 

Somebody is awake! 

And immediately distracted by ‘Daddy’s show.’ I think he loves it almost as much as Nick. He always points to the tv and asks ”This guy called?’ (which is how he asks for someone’s name) but the host’s name is Guy. So the convo goes a little like this:

Caleb: This guy called?

Nick: Guy. 

Caleb: No, daddy. This guy CALLED? 

(AKA tell me his NAME.)

Nick: His name is Guy. 

Caleb: No, daddy. This guy CALLED?

Nick (gives up and tells the guy’s last name): Fiere.

Caleb: Ohhhhhhh. Thank you Daddy. 

I mean, can you even get enough of these two together? They’re my favorite. 

While they snuggle, I eat one of my favorite snacks.

Which instantly gives me a friend in my lap. This kid loves him some food. We then take this opportunity to send silly Snapchat videos. 

We get the little man dressed and ready to go. He takes a minute to play on his truck (which Nick has named Guy ironically enough). 

And we are off! We are headed to JoJo’s school to go visit her classroom and of course her too. She’s an elementary music teacher which means she has LOTS of fun instruments for Caleb to play with. Needless to say, the guy in the backseat is pretty excited! 

Lots of dancing always happens in the car. 

So much fun in JoJo’s classroom! Talk about this kid’s heaven. He LOVES music and JoJo LOVES that he loves music. So it was safe to say they both had a blast. And Nick too.. he was the main reason we had to shut the door because he played all the noisy instruments. 

Then it was time for dinner with JoJo at her favorite restaurant, On The Border! Him getting to sit next to his best friend at dinner pretty much made his life. And I was too busy eating all the chips and salsa to document any of the food. We played at JoJo’s house for a little while after dinner and then headed back home…

…with a new hat! 

And it instantly made him be super silly while we were getting our jammies on. 

Our bedtime routine now consists of playing with our shadows on the wall. Once he discovered shadows, there was no going back. We play, dance, and laugh with our shadows every night. Obviously we know how to have a good time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

After the little man goes to bed, I immediately put on my own pajamas to get comfy. I have never been a pajama set girl but my mom bought these for Christmas and I’m pretty confident I would live in them if I could. Including the house shoes. 

I post my blog that I was working on earlier that day. 

Then it’s time to catch up on my DVR. Am I the only one in the land that is still watching this show? It’s so not what it used to be but I just can’t quit a show when I’m in this deep. (I’m looking at you too, Pretty Little Liars.) 

My view across the room. Caleb also came home with a gigantic bear named Paddy O’Neill for St Patrick’s Day. Paddy was also enjoying all the drama at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. 

After that, it was bedtime for me since I really know how to party on a Friday night. My view of my nightstand now includes my new best friend, my humidifier since we live in dry Colorado. Although I didn’t take a pic of the time, I can pretty much guarantee it was no later than 10:00 pm. Because that’s just how I roll. 

And that my friends is a simple day in the life of our family of three! I’m sure the days are coming where Caleb will have no interest in spending his Friday nights with his parents so for now, we are most certainly loving every moment. ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday Favoritesย 

So we have emerged from a cloud of sickness and I am ready to share some favorites with y’all! Because let’s be honest, I wanna focus on some happy things. So get ready for a whole bunch of random favorites coming your way…

The only favorite from the sickness was all of the sweet cuddles. The rest we could have really done without. 

And the random falling asleep in the car when it’s nowhere near nap time. Holding his baseball glove.  

We also tried real hard to learn how to play hide and seek. Some of us still need some practice to really quite get it. 

But it sure does help to be sick with a friend. Because at least then there’s SOMEBODY outside of the family that you can be around. And of course cookies help. 

We did escape out of our house to take the little man to the arcade. Wanna know a favorite about this age? We spent an hour there and didn’t spend a dime and he thought he played all of the games. #parentwin

The indoor playground at the mall is also a favorite of the little man’s. He always asks to go play with the snake and the frog and thankfully Nick knew what the heck he was talking about. Somebody get me a translator over here. 

But a REAL fave is being outside and riding his bike! I am beyond ready for summer because summer in Colorado equals spring in Texas. Come on, sandal season!

We have also been preparing for Nanan and Stevey’s wedding and this guy has a REAL CUTE outfit to wear. This picture was also taken right smack dab in the middle of his now infamous robot dance. 

A real cute tradition that has started in our family is Caleb insists on a family selfie every Sunday morning before church. I guess he enjoys when we snazz it up a little. 

It’s no secret that I love coffee and so obviously coffee mugs are a big fave of mine as well. My sister in law gave this one to me for Christmas and it gives me all the heart eyes. #texasforever

So amidst all the sickness, we had to cancel TWO date nights. You know how hard that is when you hardly ever go on a date?! BUT we finally got to go on one to a super fun place that we found through Restaurant Week. So I got to go on a date with my stud of a husband and eat lots of delicious food. Win win. 

So one of my favorites right now that I’m obsessed with is Bitmoji. I know I may be late to the party, but consider me the life of the party now because EVERYONE is now receiving Bitmojis from me. And my all time fave thing about it?! One of my besties and I realized we dressed our Bitmojis in the exact same outfit. That’s when you know the friendship is real. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I mean, look how cute we are. 

And that is all of the randomness for now! Off to enjoy Friday with my adorable fam! 

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Why I Will ‘Force’ My Child To Go To Churchย 

I grew up in church all my life. Every Sunday school and big church service. Every Wednesday night youth group. Every children’s and youth event during the summer. Every VBS and Sports Camp. Every youth camp. Every mission trip. Pretty much every time the doors to the church were open, I was there. 

But I did not truly know Jesus Christ as my own personal Savior until the middle of college. 

Sure, I knew a lot of things about Him. I had learned most of the stories from the Bible. I knew what it looked like to lead a ‘Christian life.’ In middle and high school, I would have even claimed that I was a Christian. Because it was before I actually knew what it meant to be in love with Jesus and seriously desire to follow after Him. 

But you know what happened in high school? I didn’t feel like going to church or youth group anymore. I was really liking what the world had to offer and wanted to enjoy that more. Church started to feel very goody-two-shoes to me and I didn’t want that life anymore. I wanted to know what it felt like to live my own life with my own rules and hang out on the weekends making choices that church was going to make me feel bad about. 

And yet, my parents still made me go. Every Sunday morning. Every Wednesday night. That boyfriend that was probably bad news? They even had the audacity to humiliate me by requiring him to go with me. Did I argue and try to find every excuse in the book to get out of it? Of course. But every Sunday morning and every Wednesday night, it was an expectation of our household and so I was there. Did that mean that my choices on the weekend got better? Absolutely not. But I was at church hearing the Gospel preached into my life whether I wanted to be there or not. 

And then college came. When I finally got to make my own decision about attending church so I didn’t go. Maybe for a week or two just because it felt so ingrained in me, but that was it. I was finally free! So I lived my own life with my own rules. Until emptiness set in. The feeling that there had to be something more. The void in my life that I just couldn’t shake. 

The summer between my sophomore and junior year, I was at home from college and it was a Sunday morning which meant attending church with my parents. And that’s when God grabbed me. Reminded me of my emptiness and of the fullness that I could find in HIM. Showed me there was a difference in attending church and actually living out the Gospel. And that’s when I made the decision that would forever transform my world. I wanted to have a relationship with Christ and live my life following Him. After so many years just attending church, I finally GOT IT. 

I know how easy it could have been for my parents to just let it go and given me the out. Fears of me being driven away from the church could have paralyzed them. Doubts that they were doing the right thing could have kept them from making me go. And I am so thankful it didn’t. Because even though I may have been a teenager that wanted my own way and thought I knew better, God was using that time to plant seeds in my life and expose me to Him. I may not have noticed it or even cared, but it was happening. And ultimately when I finally realized that huge void in my life, I knew it was because I was missing Jesus. 

As a parent now, I understand the burden of spiritually shepherding the little one that the Lord has given me. It brings me to my knees the hard decisions that will need to be made. Living for Christ and our culture do not always agree. In fact, they rarely do. The world is fighting for our children’s (and our own) attention and we have to decide what will be priority in our home. It can come in simple ways such as busyness that will easily distract us away from the Lord. It may even be ‘good’ things that we want for our children such as excelling in school or a specific sport. But at what point do we choose good things at the cost of the Gospel? 

I am keenly aware that one day my child may tell me he doesn’t want to go to church. Or maybe he doesn’t feel like it. Or maybe he doesn’t have time because school/homework or extracurricular activities may seem more pressing. I pray that I would be willing to place God above my child’s comfort or my own convenience. I pray for those conversations of why we strive to put the Lord first in our lives above all else. God is so clear in His Word of the sacrifices that we will face but that because Christ loved us and died for us, His love should always compel us in our lives to look to Him first. 

I completely understand that growing up in church is not the only way God pursues and saves His people. But I also know the more we are exposed to the love of Christ, the more of an opportunity my child has to fall in love with Jesus. And that is BY FAR my greatest desire for my child. So I pray that our family would always choose the Gospel over the world. Every time. 

Deuteronomy 6:5-9

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the door frames of your houses and on your gates. 

Fun-Filled Weekend Recap!

It is very rare that our family finds a whole weekend that does not consist of a ton of plans already mapped out for us. But this past weekend was just that and we were able to pack it with fun, family filled events. 

On Friday afternoon as soon as little man woke up, we headed to the children’s museum. But the amateurs that we are, we realized that it was only an hour until closing time. So we moved to Plan B.. the aquarium. 

Now our little guy may not be signing up for a house pet anytime soon, but he sure does love him some underwater friends. He ran from tank to tank, exclaiming ‘Look!! Look!!’ 

He was even braver than his mama and was all about touching the fish. #nothankyou

And what’s an aquarium without a tiger? I’m pretty sure there was a whole sign about how tigers are really important to the underwater ecosystem but those details have somehow already been lost in lalaland of mom brain. 

But there were sharks as well and that I DO understand. 

Afterwards, we ate dinner at the downtown Mellow Mushroom because pizza and Fridays should always be friends. No pictures though because we were too busy with all of the eating. 

The next morning Nick became husband of the year by watching two of Caleb’s little friends so that way their mama could go with me to a Lularoe party. (Is everyone obsessed with these clothes yet?) He sent this picture as a ‘cry for help’ and we knew that they were doing JUST fine, because hello cuteness. 

I absolutely love that Caleb loves being friends with these boys because I sure love being friends with their mom. And how clear is it that Josiah is the one holding these three together??

That afternoon, we met up with JoJo for the little man’s first movie in the theater. We went to see Sing! because we were thinking he loves songs so surely this would keep his attention. NOPE. Poor kid was bored and restless about halfway into the movie. The only thing that kept him sane (and us!) was giving his JoJo kisses and sitting with her. #JoJoforthewin

And if our weekend wasn’t already full of festivities, we had a youth group event on Sunday night at Casa Bonita. To describe it is as one of the most bizarre places I’ve ever been would be an understatement.  An amusement park line to get in, cliff divers, gun fights, haunted cave, arcade, fortune teller, gift shop, and a million different rooms to just name a few things this place has. So needless to say, a fantastic spot for a youth group. And a two year old. 

The perfect way to end a super fun weekend! And sure beats the heck out of Monday’s which equals the buying of the groceries and all of the loads of laundry. Here’s to Friday coming quickly!