All of the Things!

May is here and life is crazy! Something about life with a baby makes me want to be sure to get back to blogging and document these days of my boys being littles. Especially when they are experiencing things for the first time.

A few weeks ago, Nick’s Papa left this world to go be with Jesus. He was an incredible man and we were so glad that Nick was able to go to Maryland to celebrate his life. That left the boys & I alone for a couple of days for the first time since Luke was born, but we survived! (I also realize that this is the reality of many of my friends whose hubbies travel every week. I fully believe that Starbucks should give them free coffee everyday.) One night after I finished Luke’s bedtime, I headed to do Caleb’s and found him like this…

Whoops. Apparently I wasn’t fast enough for him and he just put himself to bed.

We spent as much time outside as possible and Luke was introduced to the world of baseball hats. Caleb let him know that this was pretty much a must if he wanted to hang with him and Dad.

And I’m pretty sure this next picture is around the time that Caleb got a splinter in his booty. Which is now known as Splinter 2.0. And for sure goes down as one of my craziest mom stories. (It would definitely need a whole blog post in itself to explain.)

We had friends over one night and we finally got to meet Benjamin who is just three days younger than Luke! We literally moved out of our room at the hospital and they moved in. (Seriously.)

And Caleb always loves playing with Grayson!

While Nick was gone, I let Caleb have his first impromptu sleepover with me. Which pretty much MADE his life. And yes, he’s just as chatty falling asleep as he is awake. And he also had a lot of rules… face him, get off my phone, fall asleep on the count of 3. It was all very peaceful.

Then Daddy came home with new hats in tow which made the boys very happy!! (Well at least the big one. The little one looks a bit freaked out.)

The Kerstetter’s were in town from Ireland and I’m so glad that I got to spend time with Denise (& Russ too.. I guess!). Although I didn’t get a pic with them, I did make them take an awkward one with the boys. They were one of the very first people we met at our church so they will always have a special place in my heart.

Caleb had his second t-ball practice last week and got his BlueJays uniform! He’s so excited to play with his best buddy.

His first game this weekend was one of the cutest and most hilarious things I’ve ever seen! I don’t think any of the kids knew what was happening a majority of the time, but they all definitely seemed to have fun.

His best friend and his daddy are definitely his favorite.

We then headed right over to our friends’ crawfish boil (aka one of the best days of May!).

Holding a baby at a crawfish boil is a bit tricky so thank goodness for good friends that are willing to feed you the crawfish! True friendship at its finest.

Or they just take the baby altogether which also works!

We ended the weekend with a night out with friends for Cinco de Mayo. Random fact about Nick… he loves Cinco de Mayo. So he took care of childcare and all of the logistics so we could go to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. (Although the picture definitely makes it look like we ate at Chick-fil-A.)

Whew, that’s all for now! Talk about a random assortment of things. This week we are gearing up for our first trip to Texas as a family of four! Get ready Lone Star State, we are coming for ya!

The Caleb Quotes

One of the sweetest parts of having Luke enter our family is seeing how much Caleb loves him. Watching him become a big brother has been so precious because he takes it so seriously. He is constantly checking on him, talking about him, playing with him, helping me with what I need for him, and chatting with him. Believe me when I say that Luke always has a 4 year old in his face. I think this picture captures their relationship perfectly…

Luke has no choice but to love the kid. 🙂 Caleb does make him smile big though!

Ever since Luke was born, I’ve been keeping notes of the funny and/or sweet quotes of things that Caleb says. I know these are things that I’ll always want to remember, so I figure why not write a post about it and everyone can enjoy a good laugh!

About a week into Luke’s life, Caleb really wanted a big role in helping with him.

Caleb: When can I help you figure out what he needs?

Me: You’re doing a great job already helping me.

Caleb: I’m doing most of the work, aren’t I?

Probably not the best thing to say to a lady who’s sleep deprived and nursing. He’ll learn when he’s a husband. 😉

Around that same time after he was born, Caleb was starting to learn that Luke would just cry sometimes. A couple times he would voice his frustration…

Caleb: Its hard work taking care of a baby. I’ve sang to him twice and gave him his pacifier. And he’s STILL crying.

Caleb: It’s a MYSTERY. He doesn’t tell us what’s wrong – he just cries.

Welcome to motherhood, man.

One thing that Caleb finds hilarious?? That you pretty much know anytime that Luke poops since you can hear the noises. Absolutely cracks him up. #boymomlife

Caleb: Because sometimes when you eat, you gotta poop. At least that’s what happens to me.

And apparently he thought we needed an explanation about it all.

Caleb absolutely loves helping with Luke’s bath time. Him & Nick have a whole system of who does what and Caleb takes it very seriously. It finally clicked to him one night that Luke gets a bottle at bed and so now he says often…

Caleb: Man, I wish I got to eat right before bed!

We assured him that he always has dinner and sometimes even dessert and that tastes WAY better than Luke’s bottle.

Obviously being a mama of a 4 year old and a 4 month old, I’ve erred on the tired side the past few months. To which Caleb doesn’t really let me forget…

Me: Gosh, I’m so tired.

Caleb: You’re always tired. That’s just how God made you.


Every night before bed, a part of Caleb’s prayer is…

I thank you that we would get good sleep, especially Luke.

Clearly he knows the importance of baby sleep.

Now that Luke has started eating baby food, Caleb is all in on the action. He likes to help pick out what food we should give him, he reminds me of which foods it doesn’t seem like Luke likes, and he loves to watch all the faces Luke will make while eating. One of the cutest things though is that Caleb calls Luke’s bibs aprons.

Caleb: Look, he has a Lightning McQueen apron!

It’s easy to see the confusion there. And kind of too cute to correct.

I’m sure there will be many, many more to come!! Especially since the kid never stops talking. 😉

An Easter Recap!

Easter is always such a huge holiday in our family and this year was no different! With both of us being on church staff, it is a busy season and then add in the element of our own kiddos and we’ve got ourselves lots to do. Thankfully we are still able to take the time to truly celebrate the reason for Easter.. God sent His Son to die on a cross for all of us that we may be with Him for eternity!!! If that’s not a reason to celebrate, then I don’t know what is!

Last weekend, we attempted to attend an Easter egg hunt & festival at a nearby college. I use the word attempted because we did indeed go, but it snowed the entire time and the poor people in charge basically crammed a two hour event into 30 minutes. You know who didn’t care? This guy!

We were all soaked (it was a wet snow!) by the end of it, but Caleb played games and hunted for eggs like it was all totally normal. I guess he’s a Colorado boy now.

Luke stayed nice and warm in his stroller all covered up the entire time. That’s one way to spend your first Easter egg hunt. 😉

The Chick-Fil-A cow was there, because who needs the Easter bunny??

On actual Easter weekend, we kicked it off with our Good Friday services at church. We had two services so our plan was to attend one and work the other. Welp, Lukey Bear had different plans. The poor guy cried the entire first service because church on a Friday night apparently is not his jam. We ended packing up the crazy train and heading home. So the only picture I got was of Caleb rockin’ his favorite pose in front of our garage.

On Saturday, we were able to have a great family day. I figured out when Caleb was either 1 or 2 that Easter baskets just can’t really happen on Sunday morning for us since Daddy was usually already gone when Caleb woke up. So we now do Easter baskets and his own personal egg hunt on Saturday. That way no one is rushed and we all get to participate. Unfortunately, I didn’t snap any pics. Afterwards, Nick and Caleb worked in the yard and I did get a picture of the audience.

On Easter morning, the 4 of us were pulling out of our driveway at 7 am. Our church had an 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00 service and we were ready! We did make sure to get pics as soon as we got there (and by we, I mean I insisted) because once we all went our separate directions, I didn’t have high hopes of how we would look after the morning.

It was such a fantastic morning getting to serve and celebrate the Resurrection with our church family! The boys had to hang in their classes for all 3 services and they were absolute champs. It’s a lot to ask of little kiddos and I’m so thankful they were able to have a great morning as well. I told Nick that there must be extra treasure in Heaven for a ministry kid. 😉

After church consisted of a quick run home for a few more pics in our cute clothes before we changed into comfier clothes. (Can you hear all my boys groaning from there??)

Three years ago, we started celebrating Easter with some families from our church and now it’s turned in to our annual gathering which we love. It’s full of lots of people, lots of food, an Easter egg hunt, and just having a great time together. This year Luke definitely won the award for most snuggles because there was pretty much a line to hold him all day long. Which he didn’t complain about one single bit.

It was a long but fantastic day! I think it was definitely a win for Luke’s very first Easter. And just because I can’t miss the opportunity for a nostalgic throwback, here’s pics of Caleb’s first Easter…

Hope everyone had a lovely time celebrating our Risen Savior! And here’s to it officially being spring time, amiright? (I’m looking at you Colorado – NO MORE SNOW.)

Life Lately

Before we had Luke, our life was crazy and chaotic and it was definitely the norm that we would have something every night of the week. Add in a baby and it turned in to quite a tailspin! We allowed ourselves to take a step back from some things in order to add some margin to our lives to adjust to this whole family of 4 thing. And now here we are at 4 months so I wanted to give an update of life lately…

We have done lots of snuggling.

We have *finally* enjoyed some nice weather.

We also have still had quite a bit of snow. BOOOOO. (This Texas girl is OVER it.)

We got to watch Caleb sing in his preschool Spring Program.

We have also taken a LOT of brother pics. Because holy cuteness.

We have also gone baseball crazy over here. (These children have been inundated by Rockies gear – please send Astros gear ASAP.)

And our littlest guy is learning to play and getting so big.

All in all, it’s been quite the four months. Nick and I are very much aware how amazing it is that God decided that we get to parent these two little guys. It may not always be easy, but we sure are thankful. Here’s to many more chaotic, crazy months in our future!

God over Google

The baby stage is totally not my jam. Yup. I said it. And I’ve pretty much always known this about myself.

Well it’s no secret that I just recently had a baby. And before you try to take him away from me, just hear me out. I am a person that thrives on plans, routines, and consistency. My mom and sister even used to laugh at the fact that my two year old would constantly ask me what the plan was for the day. Because that’s how we roll in our house… we have plans. We know them. We abide by them.

Welp.. if you know anything about babies, they are pretty much the opposite of plans, routines, and consistency. Especially at the beginning of their little lives. They may decide to eat every three hours or they may just randomly decide that they are actually hungry only an hour and a half later. A nap? Could last forever laying sweetly in a swing or he could decide to only sleep in your arms while standing and swaying with one foot in the air. And guess what? You NEVER know which is going to happen when. Because clearly babies can’t talk. These things are the epitome of unpredictable. And YES… there are a million books and blogs that teach you how to sleep train, how to decipher the 8 different cries, how to put your baby on a schedule, how to transition your baby from this to that, on and on and on. But at the end of the day, each one will usually say something like ‘But each baby is different so do what’s best for your baby and you as a parent!’ Gee, thanks. There goes having a special formula that is going to get me back to being that somewhat sane person that used to actually sleep. It all can leave this planning mama stressed out, exhausted, and exasperated.


Every New Years, I am one of those people that picks out a word to be a sort of theme for my upcoming year. I was convinced this year that it should be patience. Makes sense, right? I had just had a baby and I already have a 4 year old… surely that combination resulted in me needing a big ol’ dose of patience. Well in the middle of the night while feeding that sweet little baby, I kept hearing JESUS.. that JESUS is my word, not patience. It is way too easy for me to become consumed in this season of trying to figure my sweet little baby out. All of my thoughts become all about trying to think through why this tiny human does the things he does. I become hyper-focused on his sleeping, his schedule, if I’m doing all of the right things, and it’s just a downward spiral from there. And before you know it, I’ve totally lost sight of the One who created this precious little baby and decided that I should be his mother. So right in the middle of the night when the thoughts tend to run the most crazy, God chose to remind me of exactly that.

I was confessing all of this to a group of girls the other week so I asked them for accountability. I want to set my eyes on JESUS instead of relying on myself to do all the things or become obsessed with looking things up. One of the girls said ‘God over Google’ and now that’s pretty much on repeat in my brain. When my baby randomly wakes up at an odd time, will I turn to the Lord or will I google to try to figure out why? Anytime my baby does anything that’s not according to some plan, will I choose to focus on God or will I choose to fall down the rabbit hole that google allows? I am choosing God. Now don’t hear me saying that it’s sinful to be knowledgeable on all things baby or that it’s wrong wanting to use any tools or resources that are available out there. I just know that my heart and mind are easily swayed to believe that I should figure things out all on my own. Which is not what God desires for my life.

So to all the other mamas stressed out and trying to figure it all out (whether it is sleep training, common core math homework or teenage drama), let’s all just remember that the God of the universe designed our children. He knows them far greater than we ever will so our first call for help should always be to Him.

God, grant me the wisdom to parent my boys well.

Remind me daily that you chose ME as their mom.

Thank you for your grace as I make a million mistakes.

And most of all Lord, let me remember that my biggest call in motherhood is pointing them to YOU.


The Story of Luke

Two months ago, I was officially welcomed back to the land of sleep deprivation, spit up, and baby snuggles. On December 10th, our little baby boy decided it was time to come join us in the world. It started with a wake up call at 4 am (here’s to no traffic!) and ended with Luke Richard Jones being born at 11:35 am.

My whole plan of how he would be born was pretty much thrown out the window immediately but thankfully God’s plan is much better than mine. As we were faced with the decision of having another c-section, we prayed together and trusted the Lord with the decision. We didn’t know it until the middle of my surgery, but the cord was wrapped four times around our sweet boy’s neck. So basically any laboring or pushing at all would have put Luke in distress and would have led everyone rushing me to the OR. Praise God for His protection over our baby’s life! We are so thankful for His faithfulness to us in all of the details.

Luke was 20 inches long and 7 pounds, 2 ounces. Definitely smaller than his big brother who was 8 pounds, 9 ounces when he was born. The doctor told me there was a chance I might have a smaller baby living in higher altitude and clearly she was right!

We are all so in love with our sweet little boy. Caleb has jumped into the big brother role head first and has loved every minute. Everyone warned us that we may see some behavior issues with him (and we did see a few at first!), but nothing directed towards Luke. Caleb has always wanted to be right by him, help with him, sing to him, kiss and hug him, etc etc etc. That has definitely been a huge blessing to have that brotherly love start immediately. And mama has to admit, it’s pretty nice to have a built in little helper that’s happy to go grab things or watch little brother while I’m in the other room.

It definitely is true that when you’re the second kiddo, you better be chill because you’re gonna be tagging along to way more things. Luke was only a week old when he got traipsed to big brother’s preschool Christmas program and has also already experienced his first Stockshow and his first big youth event among other things.

We are so very thankful for all of the million ways that people have loved us so well in these past two months. People have come to visit us, sent gifts, shown up with food, coffee, diapers, toys for Caleb, and just to hold the baby so I could shower. Since Caleb was born in Texas, this was the first time we’ve had a baby in Colorado and it ended up being an amazing experience. We’ve only lived her for three years, but it feels like so much longer. So thank you to all of our people. You sure know how to welcome a baby into this world.

Thank you Jesus for our precious family.

Called to Community

Last night I had the opportunity to share what God is doing in my life with the leadership of a moms group I’m apart of. Our theme this year is Gather which really led me to reflect and guide me to share about my desire for community and friendships. 

I absolutely love the theme Gather because I absolutely love to gather. Whether it’s one on one with someone over coffee or with a whole group of people, I love to be around people and to do life with people. And that’s one thing that is so cool about God is because He certainly puts the desire of community in people because it is so biblical. Just like with our theme verse for the year…

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

Hebrews 10:24-25

Some other verses came to my mind as well…

And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

Ecclesiastes 4:12

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Matthew 18:20

I could go on and on sharing more verses where God calls us to live in community, in harmony, in unity. I’ve seen these verses lived out in my life all throughout my faith journey. When I came to know Christ in college, there was a group of God-fearing college girls that rallied around me and taught me what it meant to follow Christ. I gleaned so much from their wisdom and from even watching how they lived their lives. I learned how to read my Bible, how to wrestle with questions about my faith and work through that with scripture and counsel from others, and how to really live my life for the Lord. As I moved to a different city for grad school, God was so faithful in giving me immediate friends in the same stage of life and we were able to walk through seminary together. Moving into my professional life and then getting married, I continued to surround myself with people that loved Jesus and pushed me towards him. I sought after people that were prayer warriors and loved Jesus fiercely and just like the verse says, I was very intentional in meeting with them. Whether that was reading thru the Bible or a study together, or just talking about life together, or asking for wisdom, I had people in my life that become mentors of my faith. This was also the point in my life that I started pouring into others as well. Whether that was being intentional with my staff members at work or high school girls, I wanted to live out those words of the Bible – ‘stir up one another.’ 

So three years ago when we moved to Colorado, my heart was a bit broken because I was no longer surrounded by all of these amazing people God had put in my life. My heart so wants to gather and now I had no one to gather with, outside of my husband and child. As we moved away from Texas and people committed to pray for us, we always asked for prayer for community – to find our people in Colorado. As sweet and welcoming everyone were when we moved here, it just wasn’t the same. We all know it takes time to build friendships and I moved into a place where people had already spent years building friendships. I wasn’t truly known by anyone here. There was no deep friendship yet. Thankfully, I still had people back home always reaching out, praying for me, checking on me. But long distance also becomes difficult as well. I felt like I had found myself in a place where I didn’t really belong anywhere. I was no longer back home so I was missing out on daily things which made friendships different, but then I also wasn’t super close with anyone in Colorado so I didn’t quite have a place here yet either. But through it all, God just kept drawing me close to Him, reminding me that my relationship with Him is ultimate anyway. But I also felt like He just kept reminding me to pray for those friendships that I desperately wanted and keep pursuing people and being that friend that He designed me to be. And He just kept reminding me of His faithfulness. 

That season of life was certainly difficult and lonely but every year that passed, I began to see my prayers answered. God kept putting people in my life that met different needs and those friendships now live out that theme verse… spurring one another toward love and good deeds, meeting together, and encouraging one another. It could have been so easy in this season of my life to just shut down or guard my heart towards people, but that pull of God pushing me towards biblical community to be known by others in order for others to push me to love Him more certainly far exceeds a lonely life. So I am so thankful for His faithfulness and Him answering my prayers and for of course the people in my life here. It really is so important to surround ourselves with people that love Jesus and push us towards Him, just like we want to be those people too. 

After talking about it with my husband, it seemed important to share my story in this space as well. I know craving community or building friendships can be difficult in any season of life, but it seems to get harder as we get older. I pray that this is an encouragement that God sees you and loves you and wants that for you as well. Never stop meeting with Him even in the loneliness and keep calling out to Him to bring those people into your life. It may take time and it may not look like what you thought, but God IS faithful. 

All About Caleb: Back to Preschool!

Last year was Caleb’s first year of preschool and he LOVED it. He made good friends, learned so much, and absolutely loved his teachers. His favorite thing? Wee Wiggle. (AKA gym time for preschoolers.) Let’s just say, summer felt long for both of us. The poor guy spent a lot of time up at the church while we worked, but he was a champ about it. But we sure were pumped it was back to school time!!!!

Last year, I asked him some questions as he started preschool because I thought it would be fun to see how his answers would change year to year. And sure enough, it’s funny to see how much he’s changed already!

What is your favorite color? Green!

What is your favorite food? Pizza.

Who is your best friend? Hava, Brooks, Maddie Moo! Dylan too!

What is your favorite thing to play with? My toy monster trucks.

What is your favorite animal? A lion and a tiger.

What is your favorite movie? Sing!

What is your favorite book? Doggy Dog.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor. Actually not a doctor. A fireman!

He loved answering questions and then decided it was time to ask me lots of questions back. Some of his answers totally surprised me, especially the fact that we haven’t watched the movie Sing! in a sweet forever. But you just never know what a 3 year old is gonna say. 😉

One thing that has not changed from last year is ALL. OF. HIS. WORDS. This kiddo loves to talk, talk, talk, and then talk some more. I’m not sure if he knows what silence is. If Nick and I are having a conversation in the car, he either wants to be apart of it or he will try to start a new convo with us just to be included.

One of his favorite things in life right now is wrestling with Daddy. He absolutely cannot get enough. He’s trying to learn the art of trash talk which is pretty hilarious to listen to. The wrestling can get pretty crazy so I’m glad to have no part of that. And it’s crazy to think that one day there will be 3 of them wrestling. So much for nice furniture. 😳

Caleb’s newest thing is being ‘shy.’ This guy is a total extrovert and loves people and wants to go and do something everyday. But although he is still all of those things, when we get somewhere he is suddenly shy and can’t say hi to people. Even if he knows them. Granted he doesn’t do this with family, but pretty much anyone else on the planet. But give him 10-15 minutes (depending on the situation) and then he’s all good. I guess maybe he really is shy and Nick and I should just accept it instead of finding it annoying? #parentingfail

Maybe this is TMI, but this guy is the toot police. You will never catch him tooting without saying ‘excuse me.’ It makes me laugh that this is the one thing we’ve taught him that he has stuck to closer than life. You can hear him playing in the playroom alone and just hear ‘excuse me, excuse me’ which obviously means he must be in there tooting. If anyone around him toots, he immediately says ‘What do you say?’ until they say ‘Excuse me.’ So just a heads up. 😉 I’m so glad that he has manners in this area… I just wish it was as easy for his manners across the board to be so important to him!!

Caleb is still our early riser. He wakes up anywhere between 6:45-7:15 in the morning. We have tried moving his bedtime around and it doesn’t seem to effect him sleeping any later so we have kept his bedtime around 7 (if we don’t have anything going on that evening). Believe me, he has plenty of evenings that he sees 9:00. When we put him to bed around 7, he plays in his bed with all his stuffed animals until around 8 and then passes out. He gets another hour of playtime and we get an extra hour of our evening. Win, win.

This little guy officially loves the copy game. I’m not sure if he does it to anyone besides Nick and I, but he thinks it’s absolutely hilarious to repeat what we say. He also absolutely cracks himself up with his ‘jokes’ that he tells. He will also repeat quotes from shows or movies that he thinks are funny and absolutely die laughing. It’s safe to say that this guy loves to laugh.

Caleb has BIG things going on in his life. Besides starting back at school and that he will turn 4 real soon, we are about to move to a new house so he will be getting a brand new room. Also, he’s preparing big time to be an awesome big brother come December. As much as he loves routine, he is beyond excited about all the new things coming up in his life!

We are so thankful to be this little guy’s parents. As crazy as parenting a 3 year old can make us, we sure do love and adore him. Here’s to another fantastic year of preschool full of new adventures!

It’s a…


So I am officially 24 weeks along which means I’ve passed the halfway mark. Praise the Lord!!! And it also means that we found out the sweet gender of our baby. Now let me give you some background on this. Before I even got pregnant, I always told people that I would gladly be a boy mom forever. As active & crazy as boys can be, that just seems easier to me than the emotions and drama that can come with girls (hello teenage years!). Nick was totally in the same boat. He was happy to stick with what he knew. And he’s a frugal guy so he pretty much was all about the fact that we own boy things. Caleb was the only one in our family that was rooting for a girl!

But then for 20 weeks, people kept saying I was having a girl. And I mean EVERYONE. I think a lot to do with it was they just wanted us to have a girl, but it seemed to be a consensus. Which led me to believe (with no reasoning whatsoever) that it was a girl. As we talked through names, we came up with one for a girl which then sold Nick on the idea of having a girl. So our family had accepted and expected a baby girl to be announced.

I turned 20 weeks while Nick was in Poland so Caleb & I patiently waited for him to return to head to the doctor to see our sweet baby.

We explained to our ultrasound tech that we wouldn’t be finding the gender out that day, but asked if she would put it in an envelope for us to hand off to friends. And that’s exactly what we did! We handed it right off to two amazing friends that had offered to throw us a gender reveal party that coming Friday night.

You know how funny it feels to know that someone else knows what you are having but you don’t know?! But again, we patiently waited for Friday to come to find out. (Is anyone picking up that the patiently is clearly sarcastic?)

We took a poll on social media and it seemed even the majority there thought that it would be a girl. So I was fully expecting Friday to be fun but also anti-climactic because we would find out we were having a girl and everyone would exclaim ‘I called it!’

Our people from our small group and children’s ministry staff came to find out what second baby Jones is going to be! We didn’t know how the reveal would go down so they set us up on the porch with everyone in the yard and this happened…

All the kiddos released the balloons down and initially I saw blue balloons & Nick saw girl balloons. And then someone sprayed us with silly string (which apparently wasn’t supposed to happen yet). At that point all I kept saying is ‘It is NOT twins!!!!’ Because pretty sure Nick asked that question every time we went to the doctor to confirm there’s only one baby in there. And let’s just say, if it were twins and I found that out in front of a group of people, I would have needed a moment. Ha! But we didn’t have long to think about it because then this happened…

We were absolutely attacked by blue silly string! All you’re missing from this photo is hearing our child screaming and crying. Clearly he really enjoyed finding out he was having a brother.

So there it is folks… we are officially a boy family!!! Go ahead and buy me all the #boymom gear.

Nick and I were totally shocked. We laugh because we totally succumbed to the power of the people to start believing it was a girl. But we are SO excited to have another little boy!

Also, since so many people have asked, Caleb is beyond excited too. His only reason for wanting a girl is so mommy could have another girl in the family. He sweetly apologized to me that night since I would be the only girl and once I assured him that I was more than okay with it, he’s all for a little brother. He’s already been creating a list of all of the things that he can teach him. Climbing a tree is at the very top of the list, but I’m thinking Caleb should learn first before trying to teach someone else. (Minor details.)

Here is my pregnancy update (for those of you that are into that kind of thing)…

How Far Along: 24 weeks! Moving right along!

Maternity Clothes: Yes and no! I’m still able to wear some of my normal tops & dresses, but officially in maternity shorts & jeans. Also, when my sister & mom were in town, they totally helped me overhaul my closet to make room for all the maternity things. Such life savers or else I would still be squeezing this belly in all my regular clothes…

Stretch Marks: Negative.

Sleep: I’ve officially started getting uncomfortable in the night and haven’t slept as well. I usually sleep on my back so the adjustment to my side hasn’t been going very well…

Best Moment Lately: This baby moves a LOT! A couple Sundays ago, Nick preached and the little man moved around like crazy the entire time Nick was up there. So he either really loves his daddy’s voice or else he was just being moved by the Holy Spirit.

Miss Anything: It’s no secret that I love clothes so I definitely miss getting to wear normal clothes. But more than that, I think I miss not being uncomfortable often.

Movement: Yes, see above! This baby loves to move & groove. Makes me a little nervous about his hyper-activity. Especially because my doctor said that the placenta is in front so I may not feel as much movement as there is. Ummm, because I feel the baby a LOT.

Food Cravings: It is all over the place. Nick laughs because he just never knows what’s going to show up in our groceries these days. I’m generally a pretty healthy eater but in the past couple weeks, I’ve consumed a lot of ruffles chips & ranch dip and I’ve also made Nick take me to Panda Express. And I definitely prefer savory over sweet.

Anything Makes You Feel Queasy or Sick: I’m doing better in this department thankfully! Sometimes there are smells that can set me off. Also if I get too hot, I start to feel really sick.

Anything Different This Pregnancy: I’ve gotten way more headaches and back aches. Nick so nicely reminded me that I am 4 years older this time. (Insert eye roll here.)

Have You Started To Show Yet: Most definitely!! I feel like the belly has super popped out these past 2 weeks.

Gender: BOY!!!!

Thanks to all of the congratulations, sweet comments, and prayers that have been coming our way! This baby is already SO loved.

Life Lately: The Baby Edition

So the past three and a half months, I’ve been a bit out of it thanks to this little thing called pregnancy. Yup, that’s right! We are expecting a little bundle of joy in December. Pregnancy was pretty hard on me with Caleb so I haven’t been totally surprised that I’ve been pretty exhausted and sick this time around too. But now I’ve hit second trimester and I’m hoping for easier times! Granted I still pass smooth out on the couch every night at 8:15 pm.

We are very excited around here! Caleb is all about taking care of me and the baby. And believe it or not, he will say that he wants a sister if you ask him! This next picture is right after we told him over his special dessert. Safe to say he’s pumped. 🙂

We kept the secret for a while so that way when we visited Texas for Mother’s Day, we could tell my whole family in person. We put Caleb in a Big Brother shirt and hat on the airplane and watched all the different reactions. It’s pretty hilarious to watch how quick some people caught on and some people we had to encourage to read his shirt. But everyone is pumped and planning for Christmas in Colorado!

I’m so excited to see this little guy be a big brother. He has such a caring heart and will be so sweet to see how that plays out with a baby sibling. We let him go to the doctor with us last time to hear the heartbeat which was so sweet. Him and the doctor decided it sounded like a train which he of course loved. 😉

The million dollar question is people wondering if we will find out gender. If you know me at all, you know I love to PLAN. So I HAVE to know. The next question quick to follow is which gender we are hoping for. I’ve already said that Caleb is rooting for girl and now Nick is rooting for boy. He prefers to stick to what he knows. As for me, I’ve never been quiet about the fact that I would thoroughly enjoy just being a boy mom. Apparently I enjoy the chaos of it all. But I’m feeling pretty indifferent these days which may be since Caleb and Nick have picked opposite sides. I will just reside as neutral. (But if it’s a girl… send help. Especially when she’s 16.) At my moms group, they have you pick out a bowl to see what you’re going to have and here is the prediction. So we shall see if it’s right…

I thought it would be fun to do a pregnancy update questionnaire just to document how things are going. (And who knows – this may be my first and last one.)

How Far Along: 14.5 weeks! I think I can officially say second trimester! (Everyone seems to have a different opinion on when it starts.)

Total Weight Gain: I’m not really sure because I don’t know what I weighed beforehand – life is better without a number!

Maternity Clothes: Not quite yet but I can feel it getting near…

Stretch Marks: Nope.

Sleep: Well I pass out EARLY and as long as I stay asleep, I’m good. But if for some reason something wakes me up (AKA my 3 year old), then I’m up for AT LEAST an hour staring at the ceiling.

Best Moment of the Week: We conquered VBS! As exhausting as it was to help put it on while being pregnant, it was all worth it. 🙂

Miss Anything: Not being exhausted all the time. Or feeling good. I feel like my family will remember me as ‘one who lays on couch.’

Movement: Yes! I feel like I felt the sweet pea for the first time this past week. It’s still pretty fleeting but so fun!

Food Cravings: This is all over the map. But pretty much give me all of the carbs.

Anything Makes You Feel Queasy or Sick: This is also all over the place which makes life real fun. You just never know when it’s going to hit. It’s like winning the lottery, except opposite.

Anything Different This Pregnancy: Well I fainted on the light rail so that was interesting. So now I’m cautious to stand up slowly and not allow myself to get too hot. I also was completely sick for days after our flight home from Texas. So apparently transportation is not really my jam right now.

Have You Started To Show Yet: Yes, I think so! This definitely happened earlier this time around.

Gender: We won’t know until the end of July!

Those are all the updates for now! We are beyond excited to be the Jones family, party of 4!