Why I Will ‘Force’ My Child To Go To Church 

I grew up in church all my life. Every Sunday school and big church service. Every Wednesday night youth group. Every children’s and youth event during the summer. Every VBS and Sports Camp. Every youth camp. Every mission trip. Pretty much every time the doors to the church were open, I was there.  But IContinue reading “Why I Will ‘Force’ My Child To Go To Church “

Friday Favorites: Little Feet Edition 

Doesn’t it feel like life is always super busy? But I’ve gotta say, right now it is full of a lot of favorite things. And today I’m linking up with Andrea to share all of those things because it’s.. First off, Caleb has begun wanting to ‘take pictures’ with my phone. When he first started doing it,Continue reading “Friday Favorites: Little Feet Edition “

Friday Favorites: Christmas Edition

Happy first Friday of 2017!!! Does anyone else have trouble remembering to write the new year?! I told someone the other day that sometimes I still write 2014… so here’s to stop going back in time!!  Since I barely blogged like AT ALL in December because we were so busy with all of the festiveContinue reading “Friday Favorites: Christmas Edition”