Friday Favorites: All About March

Happy Friday, y’all! Even more than that, it’s Good Friday. As strange as it sounds, I love this day that demands our attention to the death of Christ in order to understand the significance of Easter Sunday. Jesus died on that cross for us, but three days later, He rose from the grave and gaveContinue reading “Friday Favorites: All About March”

All About Caleb: The Threenager Year

If we are gonna be honest here, mommin’ ain’t easy. There are tears and sweat all kinds of involved. Let’s be real, all the body fluids are involved. But even when it’s hard, even when I’m exhausted, even when I feel like I’ve gone way past the crazy mark… it’s worth it. Because of this.Continue reading “All About Caleb: The Threenager Year”

All About Caleb: Time for Preschool! 

Some big things have been happening around here. Our little baby headed to preschool last week. When I went back to work a year and a half ago, the most amazing person watched Caleb for us which was such an answer to prayer. But now the little guy is finally old enough for our church’sContinue reading “All About Caleb: Time for Preschool! “

The Annual July Texas Trip Extravaganza: The DFW Edition

Welcome back for round two! If you missed the first part about our trip in Houston, you can check that out here. Or you can ignore that altogether and just read all about the part of our trip in Dallas/Fort Worth. But first let me just say that last year when we did this trip, I triedContinue reading “The Annual July Texas Trip Extravaganza: The DFW Edition”